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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


In our centre, we understand that every child is unique and has potential. The diverse environment of the learning centres allows for children to acquire new knowledge through exploration while having fun in a comfortable space where they can build a good character with ease!

Join us for our fun-filled courses where your little one will be able to explore new things while learning about self-development. We have Baby Gyms, Baby Yoga, Preschool, Playgroup classes as well English and Mandarin. Classes like these help children learn everything from language skills all the way through creative play!

Kids Garden Vision

Learn with pleasure! The purpose of this center is to encourage children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.


We understand that every kid has potential, so our diversified open environment provides a fun way for them to gain new knowledge through enjoyable exploration while building good character at an early age - all suitable from 6 months old up until 12 years old including Playgroup, Preschool, Language classes, Baby Gym, Baby Yoga and many more. Not only do they get ample time playing outside in lovely surroundings but their studies also benefit greatly because it reduces stress which positively impacts mental health

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