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Child's Development

A place where children grow naturally

Art and creativity

Our art activities are designed to help your child to develop sensory abilities, creativity and accumulate art experiences though participating in art activites.

Social Skills

Exposing your child to various collaborative activities helps to develop his or her sense of community.

Music and movement

Through introducing rhythms and beats, your child can practice how to coordinate body movements according to the beat, also cultivate his or her appreciation of music.


Exposing your child to various languages at an early age helps to cultivate his or her communication skills and language ability.

Sensory development

Exploration to different textures and materials helps to stimulate your child's sensory experiences, also can fulfill his or her needs to play, investigate and explore, and arouse his or her curiosity.

Physical development

Various physical activities helps to develop gross and fine motor skills, acquire control over basic movements, and understand the concepts of space and direction.

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