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Baby Gym & Baby Yoga

Moms and Babies

Baby Gym

From the moment children (aged 6 to 3 years old) enter Baby Gym, they are exposed to new experiences and environments. The baby gym provides them with an opportunity for physical fitness through playgroup elements combined in group training sessions as well individualized activities designed by foreign teachers who have experience working within this system before coming on board at our education center. The Kids Garden curriculum is a unique, integrated and comprehensive scheme that aims to provide children with an all round development through physical fitness activities. The group play sessions in combination with individual workouts help them learn teamwork while developing their own skillset for life!

Baby Yoga

This mom and baby yoga class is a wonderful playtime for you and your baby. In this 60-minute class, you'll discover basic techniques for gentle stretching and learn how to bond more with your baby and take care of your body after pregnancy. While moms will have plenty of creative and fun ideas for practicing yoga poses with their baby, including the "Baby Yoga" sequence, you'll also learn how to relax your baby and bond in non-verbal ways. This practice is so simple, yet the message it conveys is so powerful—your love, your understanding, and your attention. 

*Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling.

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