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English Phonics

Preschool Class


English is an international language that will open doors to success in the future. Learning it well gives children a head start on their academic endeavors and career opportunities, but many lose interest when they find English difficult. Start early with learning tools like KIDS GARDEN's interactive games so your kids can become confident readers who string words together fluently without difficulty!


Letterland is a British system for children to learn and master English Phonics. It is not easy to master the pronunciation and stringing of words in English, because the pronunciation of English words and the relationship between the stringing method are often inconsistent.

Learning Phonics using the Letterland method can be divided into five stages , each stage has a child's main book and other relevant resources,

  1. Pre-Phonics (2-3 years old): Children prepare children to learn languages ​​by listening to the sounds of their surroundings

  2. Level 1 (3-7 year olds): Spelling stage - learn to combine the sounds of the single letters Aa-Zz.

  3. Level 2 (4.5 - 7 year olds): Advanced - Digraphs 1 (digraphs), based on revisiting the sounds and shapes learned at level 1, plus the development of 26 new digraphs.

  4. Level 3 (4.5 - 7 year olds): Advanced - Digraph Combinations 2 (digraphs), review and develop knowledge from the first two levels and introduce more advanced spelling patterns.

  5. Advanced (5-8 year olds): Combinations of diacritics 3 (digraphs), word formation, irregular vowels, and more with di- and tri-syllabic letters • and advanced spelling modes.

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