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Cambridge YLE

Preschool Class

Cambridge YLE

The Cambridge English YLE, known as the Young English Test (YLE), is a set of English tests designed for school children aged four to twelve, preparing to enter primary and lower secondary schools. These exams are provided by Cambridge for English language assessments (previously known as Cambridge University ESOL exams). The exam is divided into three levels - the first level of the basic test (Starters), the second level (Movers), the third level (Flyers), so that students can understand their progress and enhance their motivation to learn. In addition, the center also provides preparatory classes for children without English foundation before learning starters, which are kid's box level 1 and kid's box level 2. 


This course is perfect for young English learners who want to get started with their language studies. It consists of simple daily conversations that cover reading sentences, writing them out correctly and speaking the words from beginning until end


Flyers are advanced Cambridge exams that cover long paragraph reading, writing and speaking skills. This course has a higher level of written English than other courses in the same category because it requires more extensive analysis on how words are used to create meaning as well as improved listening abilities with better pronunciation while answering questions correctly.


Movers is a Cambridge intermediate exam based on the board's standards. It includes written and spoken conversations for basic everyday use, as well as listening skills that are necessary to understand what people say in different situations.

Kids box level 1 

Kids box level 1 is based on learning and recognizing pictures, increasing their visual skills. 

It has a very small number of reading books and mainly focuses on picture reading skills. There will also be some elements of listening with the books, too. This is not an exam-led course.

Kids box level 2 

Kids box level 2 is higher than Kids box level 1,

Students need to start identifying words in the glossary, which will be highlighted at the bottom of each page of the glossary. As a quick reference guide for teachers. Kids box level 2 also introduces children to the use of simple grammar.  This is not an exam-led course.

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