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Solve With Me

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DMind Playgroup

D mind & the Prince's course for children is a comprehensive English program that teaches kids how to interact with others, explore their world and learn skills needed in everyday life. This course offers diverse home learning materials, activities and cultural experience. The programme features up-to-date daily English, global citizenship, internationalism, critical thinking, art appreciation, and essential life and social skills. D Mind & the Prince, above all, stimulates young children to learn and explore, helping them become successful global citizens.

Course Highlights

  • Use D Mind & the Prince's materials to teach

  • Learn the most authentic and practical life English

  • Well-designed singing activities

  • Encourage students to interact with teachers and other children

  • Improve Social Skills

Course Details

  • 2 hours class

  • Age range: 10 months - 3 years old


Nursery rhymes and games are a great way to get your child interested in language. Learning about the relationship between letters, pronunciation tips for spelling early on can help lay down strong foundations that will form systematic learning habits when your child gets older!

Course Highlights

  • Students will learn through nursery rhymes and fun games

  • Guide students to understand the relationship between letters and sounds of English

  • Help students to improve their spelling capabilities

  • Help students to improve their reading and writing capabilities

Course Details

  • 2 hours class

  • Age range: 3  - 4 years old

Girl Coloring
First Day of Kindergarten

Solve With Me

The D Mind & The Prince's Solve with Me series is a great way to teach young children social and problem-solving skills needed in daily life, through fun role playing situations. In addition they will learn how respond in English when faced by various challenges.

Course Highlights

  • Grow a student's emotional and intelligence quotient 

  • We use D Mind & the Prince's - Solve with Me materials to teach

  • Engage students through fun role-play and simulation activities

  • Learn social and problem-solving skills

  • Learn how to respond in English in various real life situations

Course Details

  • 2 hours class

  • Age range: 3  - 6 years old

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