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Summer Fun & Interview Courses

Preschool Class

Summer Fun

We all know that children need more than just academics in their lives. That's why we want to help give them an unforgettable summer vacation with our new programs. Make this summer the best one yet by taking advantage of our 20+ course certificate program. A special certificate will be given to your children upon successful completion of the courses.

Course Highlights

  • Students develop English listening and speaking skills

  • Enhance social skills

  • Grows children's sense of curiosity and wonder.

  • Classes are lively with relevant and interesting themes, relevant.

Interview Course

The curriculum integrates the content and format of learning from a number of well-known schools, allowing students to understand the interview process in a simple and simple way, focusing on training students in their understanding of the daily living environment, and improving the ability of judgment, organization, expression, and flexibility. Children who are proficient in interview skills can help boost their self-confidence.

Course Highlights

  • Being proficient in interviewing skills will help boost your child's self-confidence

  • Improve the ability to judge, organize, express and be flexible in different situations

  • Build etiquettes for an interview and manage emotions

  • Learn skills to answer interview questions

Girls in Classrom
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